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Waterless car wash is real and it works!

Like the rest of technology, waterless car wash solutions have come a long way in the past ten years.  Five years ago you still couldn’t pay us enough money to try it on one of our cars.  A lot of our customers came to us with scratches they got from the guy at the gas station demo-ing the stuff.  Remember them?  They just walked up, sprayed your car with that aerosol can, wiped it off and showed you how clean (and scratched) your car was.  I, for one, just kept on driving if I saw them.  I would rather run the risk of running out of gas and replacing a fuel pump for $300 than having to repaint that part of my car for $900!  Even if you include the tow home and the gas can in there, it’s still cheaper.

Today’s products, however, are truly amazing!  The procedures still aren’t as simple as “spraying on and wiping off” but with Califonia’s “new” drought conditions we should all be reexamining our water usage requirements.  I am happy to say that we can finally include waterless car wash solutions in our list of possible adjustments.
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Benefits of waterless car washing:

  • Less water wasted – obviously there is water in the product and you have to wash the towels but less overall water consumption.
  • Less mess – since the ground doesn’t get wet you won’t track mud and such into your car like before.
  • Less effort and time taken – you won’t have to wax as often… who likes to wax?!  My arm hurts just thinking about it.

We, and the manufacturers, still recommend that heavily contaminated paint surfaces should still be washed at home the traditional way but, short of going to Tahoe in the winter or off-roading, waterless car washes should have you covered.

Just remember:

  • Always be as gentle as possible.
  • Always use microfiber to wash and dry.
  • No scrubbing or pushing hard, ever!
  • No washing the car in the sun.  Surfaces should be cool.
  • Wash top to bottom.

We use Meguire’s but there are many great products out there now.

If you can keep up on this system ,technically, you would never have to use the hose again!  We find we only wash our cars once every two to three months these days. 🙂

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