Moderate Damage

Touch Up for Car Trim

It used to be that any time your car’s trim piece was damaged along with the painted panels it meant you had to replace the trim. In many cases it isn’t necessary. In this case a large chunk was taken out of the unpainted plastic bumper trim. Unfortunately, we didn’t take the “before” picture of this damage in it’s original state before we sanded it, but it was quite deep. Any smooth surface is much less noticeable than a jagged surface, regardless of how irregular. Touch up is meant to make things less noticeable. A body shop repair would have cost around $350-$500 plus the price of the trim (which on a BMW is pricey)and the customer would have lost the car for at least an entire 24 hours. This repair cost $200 and the customer was only without the car for 2 hours.
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1. M3 Black Bumper Damage Before2. M3 Black Bumper Damage After