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Keep Classic Cars Classic with Touch Up – Automotive Touch Up Professionals


Keep Classic Cars Classic with Touch Up

Did you know that when you respray any panel on a classic car with new paint the value of the vehicle depreciates dramatically? Touch up helps avoid that loss and keeps that classic a classic through-and-through. That’s our job and we come to you to do it!

This 1972 Ford Boss 302 Mustang is stripped down for restoration. It would have been a headache and time-waster to bring it to a body shop for paint repair because it is just a roller (no motor/no interior). This customer gets peace-of-mind knowing his car isn’t constantly being moved out of the way while it waits for it’s paint, increasing the chances for an accident in some overcrowded shop. Instead, it’s at his home, safe and sound with us pampering it while he watches.

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1. Boss Mustang Green Chipping Before 2. Boss Mustang Green Chipping After