Car Touch Up for High Speed Cars – Chipping and Road Rash

It’s something freeway travelers, tailgaters and general speeders are all too familiar with but, believe it or not, car touch up has a solution.  It’s an eye-sore on your beauty and no matter how well you take care of the paint, it’s gonna happen.  Clear bra application is a great way to dull the effects but, unless you wrap your entire car with it, road rash and chipping are going to be an issue.  It can show up on nearly any panel depending on the car you have.  It attacks all front bumpers, fenders, hoods and mirrors but take a peek at your quarter panels, side skirts, doors, roofs and even some rear bumpers and chances are you will find it there too.  The faster you drive the more severe it becomes.  Normally, this kind of damage would doom you to a repaint which, for just a front end, could cost anywhere from $1000 to $4000 and up depending on the type of paint you have and the level of quality you require.  You can plan on losing your car to the body shop for at least a week.  Automotive Touch Up Professionals has a much more inexpensive way to hide it and help protect your paint.  We aren’t talking about applying dot-by-dot either.  On many cars, that could take weeks!  Here, we can have you repaired and on your way in as little as an hour for as little as $100.

Take a look at these “before and after” pictures and visit our Rock Chipping Gallery to find more repairs of this type of damage.  Lets keep you looking beautiful and save you a great deal of money!

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