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Car Touch Up and Some Heart for Christmas – Automotive Touch Up Professionals

Moderate Damage

Car Touch Up and Some Heart for Christmas


We recently had someone call us and say that a co-worker hit their BMW 3 series in their company parking lot and that they needed a quote on car touch up.  Usually, anytime someone says the damage was caused by someone else, and that they know who did it, we remind our customers that if they go through their insurance their premiums won’t rise and they aren’t responsible for the deductible, either.  The only person who pays is the one at fault.  Customers are usually unaware of this, thank us for the info and, for our honest help, promise to use us next time.  This particular customer, however, explained that it was not something he wanted to gouge his co-worker with.  What a nice guy!!  In an age where people are just looking for someone to sue to come up on some money, this guy, in contrast, takes it upon himself to find the cheapest, least damaging (to the co-workers record) alternative to a costly, time consuming body shop repair smack dab in the middle of the holiday shopping season!  WHAT A NICE GUY!  But there were, in fact, two uncommon acts of kindness in this story.  First, the co-worker that miscalculated the spacial relation of their vehicle actually displayed great integrety and made the effort to report what they had done to the owner of the other vehicle.  It being such a large company, it could have been any one of the 200 cars parked in the lot or even just someone driving through.  Could have been easy to get away with a hit and run.  Anyway, these two people have warmed our hearts for the holidays. 🙂  We wanted to thank them both for their selflessness and wish them the happiest Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa ever!

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