Moderate Damage

Car Touch Up for Uber and Lyft Cars

Personal transport companies require the cars they employ to meet a certain aesthetic threshold.  Chances are, if you are an Uber, Lyft driver or the like, you are doing it because you may be a little short on cash.  Being on the road so much, and likely maneuvering like a stunt driver to get to your fare as quickly as possible, your car has seen it’s fair share of bumps and skims.  Car touch up is a much faster and more affordable way to stay beautiful and it keeps you on the road.  Not having to turn your car into a body shop for repairs means more time for transporting and more money in your pocket.  Now who couldn’t use that this holiday season!

If you are an Uber or Lyft driver (or the like) we would like to thank you for putting yourself out there on those dangerous roads to help those of us who need some wheels at a moments notice.

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Mazda 6 Red  Front Bumper Scrape - BeforeMazda 6 Red  Front Bumper Scrape - After

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