Silver and Light Colored Metallic Car Touch Up Explained

In many cases the best part about touching up silver, and most very light colored paints, is that it seals the damage to avoid rusting and continued chipping.  Silver isn’t really a “color” at all.  It is a lot of “glitter” suspended in a clear paint.  When sprayed, the paint “clumps” get tacky as they travel through the air.  When they hit the surface most of them freeze as they landed, standing or laying facing in random directions.  When applied with a brush there isn’t any way to get the fleck to achieve this random positioning.  Most of the “mirrors” face a uniform direction.  Depending on what that direction is, the paint “color” can appear to be lighter or darker than the “color” of your car. For a demonstration, please see our video below.
There are additional challenges to painting light colors not mentioned in this video but fleck direction is the top problem.
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