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The safest cars and most dangerous cars in the US according to IIHS

Every day our customers ask us questions about cars in general that we typically don’t have the answers to off hand.  Starting now, we will record and research the best of those questions and provide the answers here on our blog.  Please follow us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or check back here on our site for updates to our blog.

Here are the 9 safest and deadliest cars between 2009-2012 according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  Now keep in mind there are thousands of influencing factors that gives each of these cars it’s numbers but we’d like to point out one interesting point that not many people know to take into consideration when searching for the safest vehicle.  When we’ve been asked this question in person the only answer we’ve ever been able to instantly and confidently provide is “whatever it is, it’s All Wheel Drive!”  The findings of the IIHS have proven us right! 🙂

If you are in the market for a car now we are glad we caught you.  If you have recently purchased a vehicle we hope this article finds you in one of these if safety is your utmost concern.

Note: “Single Vehicle Roll Over” means the car was rolled without the influence of physical force from another car. (it flipped just from being maneuvered incorrectly by the driver).

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Safest Cars

Vehicle Class Drivetrain Deaths/Million Vehicles Registered Single Vehicle Roll Overs
Audi A4 Quatro Luxury Sedan 4WD 0 0
Honda Odyssey Minivan Unknown 0 0
Kia Sorento SUV 2WD 0 0
Lexus RX350 Luxury SUV 4WD 0 0
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Luxury SUV 4WD 0 0
Subaru Legacy Sedan 4WD 0 0
Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV 4WD 0 0
Toyota Sequoia SUV 4WD 0 0
Volvo XC90 Luxury SUV 4WD 0 0


Most Dangerous Cars

Vehicle Class Drivetrain Deaths/Million Vehicles Registered Single Vehicle Roll Overs
Kia Rio Mini Sedan 2WD 149 15
Nissan Versa Small Sedan 2WD 130 51
Hyundai Accent Mini Sedan 2WD 120 16
Chevy Aveo Mini Sedan 2WD 99 10
Hyundai Accent Mini 2 Door Sedan 2WD 86 20
Chevy Camaro Large Coupe Sports Car 2WD 80 25
Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab Large 4 Door Pickup 4WD 79 17
Honda Civic 2 Door Sedan 2WD 76 10
Nissan Versa Hatch 5 Door Wagon 2WD 71 20

Follow this link  to the Status Report from the IIHS and Highway Data Loss Data Institute, the source of our information.


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