We are very proud to announce that as of 12/1/2017 every review of us from around the web, that we are aware of, are all Five Star ratings!  We would like to thank all of our customers for trusting us with their vehicles and extend special thanks to those of you who took the time to share your experiences.  We are truly very glad we could help!

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Had several large, unsightly chips and scratches on the rear bumper of my SUV. Took it to a body shop for an estimate and the quote was much more than I’d want to spend for my older vehicle. I saw Automotive Touch Up Professionals on Yelp, they had great reviews, so I asked for a quote. The price was really reasonable and they could do it soon. When they gave me the quote, they were honest and advised me it would look much better, but not look like brand new. I appreciated their honesty and gave them the go ahead.
Serena, the technician, was very friendly and professional. I was fine with her work when she was done, but she thought she could do better and came back to work on it a second time. It looks even better! She’s terrific!
My once ugly bumper looks way, way better, the chips are much less obvious and the cost was very reasonable. Automotive Touch Up Professionals provided a great solution to my problem and I highly recommend this firm.

Hal W. via Yelp! 1/18/2018


Serene was super communicative, a pleasure to work with, and did an outstanding job plasti-dipping my BMW rims.  Highly recommend.

Julie C. via Yelp! 1/13/2018


I scratched a friend’s old hot rod and needed immediate help after I tried to touch it up myself and did a terrible job. Serena was prompt to respond, made scheduling an easy process and was eager to help. I would recommend Serena and this company to anyone looking for a true professional.

Logan W. via Yelp! 6/15/2017

Just had my car worked on by Serena herself. What a professional. She practically made a scratch disappear. She responds immediately and provided expert opinion on areas of my car that needed touching up. She is now my go to as I obsess over my car and keeping it looking as if it just came out of the showroom. I’m having her comeback to work on wifey’s car and to do some work on my wheels next.

Anthony T. via Yelp! 5/11/2017

Serena did an awesome job on my F150 truck to fix a few paint chips before I have the protection film installed. She was very friendly and helpful, and the service was fast. She came to my work and was done in less than an hour. I’d definitely use her services again.

Nick B. via Yelp! 6/29/2016

Serena did an amazing job on my car. I called her to do a repair on a few big scratches on my car. When she looked over my car she pointed out scratches pretty much all around my car. She gave me a very fair price to do my whole car and the exterior looks like new again. I highly recommend her!

Karen K. via Yelp! 6/23/2016

Serena was quick to respond and professionally answered questions. I appreciate her attention to detail the quality of workmanship she did on my car. I only was doing plasti-dip but will be back for any paint or touch up jobs in the future. I had Automotive Touch-Up Pros plasti-dip the chrome on both my front grill and fog housings of my 2016 Forester. Serena had me drop off the car overnight and by early next morning the job was done. Highly recommend you come here for any touch up and minor paint work you want done right the first time.

David-Kim N. via Yelp! 4/11/2016

Top-notch work from Serena. I had a few chips on my 2015 A3 rear bumper — bright silver metallic finish. Serena reviewed my photos and answered all my questions prior to meeting me at work and performing the fixes in the parking lot. She hand-mixed the color and adjusted according to sunlight and angle. Her work is really excellent. Very professional, prompt and committed to complete customer satisfaction. I highly recommend her. The paint looks nearly perfect.

Victoria F.via Yelp! 8/31/2015

It’s been a while since my car got a nice thorough detail. My BMW has that glazed over brand new look to it once again. There is finally a solid mobile auto detail company in this area! They did it all with no water and came straight to my home. All I had to do was be there to open my car and help find an electrical outlet for their vacuum. So easy, it was surreal. My car is immaculate! Rims are perfect (I always look there first). He did a really good job on the leather interior too. I was offered their only scent (new car smell) and I passed. Coconut or vanilla and I would have said yes! Scheduling was easy and smooth over the phone with Serena and the rest was a breeze. Would I call this company to clean my car again? Oh yeah! 🙂 Good luck!

Cassandra E. via Yelp! 8/26/2015

Serena was terrific, she did the job requested and even touched up other areas she found I was not even aware of at no additional cost. Came out the same day I sent in my request for an estimate. Value, professionalism, honest!! All the other reviewers were right on the money. Serena even stood around with me after the job to answer questions I had and make recommendations. Serena has a life long customer in me!

Robert S. via Yelp! 8/13/2015

I had some black paint splatters on the front bumper of a white car. I contacted Serena by email and on the same day she was able to come over and remove those splatters. She made it a point to come over quickly because it’s not good to have the paint set for too long. Her genuine concern about that was great. Serena was able to get it all cleaned-up in a about 2 hours and she charged me the original estimate. I really have to commend Serena on her quick service, good communication and attention to detail. Now my car looks much better!

Ben H. via Yelp! 8/6/2015

Right in our driveway today we had both cars worked on by Serena.  All scratches and  little dings- some not so small- are gone or nearly invisible.  Serena is just terrific. It was as stress free as could be as well.  WOW!!
Support this local business and get your car looking nearly new again too.

Les M. via Yelp! 6/26/2015

Serena responded very quickly to my request for service and was able to fix numerous scratches on two of my cars within very short order. The cars look great and I expect to be a repeat customer since I have black cars. Highly recommend her for your touch up needs.

Dave M. via Google! 5/25/2015

I scratched my new Tesla first day out. Serena came out same day and for her basic service call price exceeded my expectations in every way. I was particularly impressed with the effort she took on both her web site and in person to make sure that we were on the same page as to outcomes before proceeding. My highest recommendations.

Sailor Blue via Google 5/18/2015

Serena responded quickly to my email, and was able to do the work the next day. She gave me a realistic appraisal of what was possible, but it turned out better than I would have expected, based on the examples on her website. She actually did a little extra work beyond what I had asked for, but stuck to her original estimated price. I really couldn’t be happier with her work, and the price was very reasonable. I enthusiastically recommend this service — just make sure you read the explanations and examples on her website so that you understand the process and what is possible.

Mark H. via Yelp! 5/14/2015

I found Serena by chance over the web but went to her for help because of the before and after pictures on her site. Not only does she do great work but her technical knowledge combined with her attention to detail and customer service are exceptionally hard to find nowadays. I’d like to see her expand so I can send more people to her. Highly recommended.

Dame R. via Google 4/30/2015

Super Happy with the work, and appreciated the honesty and very straightforward pricing, and the Results! So Super Happy. My car looks 100% better. Would gladly use again!

Paul K. via Google 4/1/2015

Serena made an estimate to fix some paint chips based on photos I emailed her.  When she arrived at my office location to do the work, she discovered that the reason the paint was flaking was a very poor Bondo repair job done by a previous owner.  She recommended that I get a body shop to replace the fender and repaint,  instead of her doing the touch-up.  In other words, she was honest about the situation even though it meant her not getting the work.  This alone earns her 5 stars.  I would happily recommend Serena for any touch-up work, because I know that she will tell it like it is.

Brendan H. via Yelp! 2/20/2015

Serena was on time and set reasonable expectations for the outcome of the touch up service.  Although the outcome met her expectations, they far exceeded mine!  Our many areas of touching up (mini van that loses battles with low walls, etc.) practically disappeared.  Serena was professional and extremely pleasant to work with.  We recommend her highly and without any reservations!

Wynne B. via Yelp! 2/16/2015

Absolutely fantastic – very professional – quick to respond.  Job was done in my driveway within an hour.  Paint matched perfectly, could hardly tell where the scratches had been.   My 10 year old red Mercedes looks like new!  Highly recommend Serena and her service.

Carla S. via Yelp! 2/12/2015

Awesome experience with Touch up Professionals! Serena is one honest worker, very rare to find these days. Very detail oriented and a professional, takes time to make make it look right. I would definitely take my care to Touch Up Professionals again!

Arbi I. via Google 1/31/2015

Here’s a fabulous combination:  responds instantly to an inquiry, comes out immediately, gives a reasonable estimate, has a very professional and friendly demeanor, and takes care of dents and scratches perfectly, quickly and with zero inconvenience to me.  Wow! Serena is amazing, and makes the potentially irritating experience of dealing with minor car damage almost enjoyable!  I agree with other reviewers that I’d give this business way more than five stars if I could.

Ruth L. via Yelp! 12/29/2014

My car was in a recent collision and deemed a total loss. Long story short, I ended up purchasing a used vehicle that came in less than perfect condition with some damage to the rear bumper.  I had contacted Serena about it and she provided an excellent customer service experience. She was very thorough and provided me with information on what I should expect. In the end I decided to get the entire bumper repainted based on her advice. I didn’t actually get the work done here but I would highly recommend this place based on the interaction I had with Serena.  I seldom write reviews on Yelp unless the business is absolutely terrible or fantastic.This business gets 5 stars in my book and she would get higher than 5 stars if I could go beyond that.

Richard L. via Yelp! 10/6/2014

Had Serena work on my Mercedes E55. She repaired all the rock chips on the car & repaired the bumper that had a faded clear coat. Everything exceeded my expectations. The knowledge & progress updates validated my decision to go with the company. Automotive Touch Up goes above & beyond to make sure you are satisfied.

Chris H. via Google 8/18/2014

Serena promptly returned my phone call.  She was able to fit my scratched bumper in for repair  the same day I called due to a cancellation.  She took her time to match the color needed to repair the scratches and gouge to the original paint color of the bumper  Serena was very professional and the whole experience was very positive.  I would recommend Automotive Touch Up Professionals anytime to anyone wanting to deal with a quality company with integrity and producing quality work.

Barbara A. via Yelp! 8/14/2014

Exceptional customer service.  Serena provided excellent  customer service all the way around, and is very personable to work with,   offering to pick up my car and deliver it back to my home.  She goes above and beyond in customer server and takes  great pride in her work and the results were remarkable, and was very good in keeping me in the loop.  She had my car done in one day.  Well deserved five stars for Serena.

Susan B. via Yelp! 8/11/2014

Took my 3 series to Serena after I notice a couple nasty paint chips and road rashes on the front of my car. Serena first explained the touch up and repair process clearly to make sure there was no surprises before I commit to the repair. The methods she uses are much more effective and better looking than those touch up kits that dealers sell. Serena is definitely a professional and very experienced in doing this sort of repair and charges very reasonably for the work she produces. Definitely call her up if you need any sort of paint repair work done for your car.

Michael H. via Yelp! 7/3/2014

FIVE STARS!  If you need a touch-up or small repair to your ride, don’t hesitate to contact Serena.  She did a fantastic job on the three repairs I needed, and I get the impression there is not much she can’t handle.  She’s got skill, brains and business savvy.  Hands-down favorite service business ever.

Nancy R. via Yelp! 5/7/2014

I had an incident where someone ran into my car and caused some damage to my bumper and quarter panel. After searching for someone reputable, I came across Automotive Touch Up Professionals here on Yelp and decided to contact Serena. Her website showed she does more than just touch ups and I was impressed with all the before/after pictures she had. We communicated over email and by phone and she was always very responsive. I ended up having her touch up some scrapes and having some car trim plastidipped which came out better than expected! Great service, price, friendliness, and punctuality! Serena also used to own a G35 which was also a plus. Definitely contact her if you want a great overall experience and have your car looking sharp.

Giancarlo B. via Yelp! 7/3/2014

Serena is amazing. I had a couple of deep scratches on my back bumper. Other shops had priced the removal at $600 – $1000 (to remove and repaint the entire bumper). Serena was able to match the paint and fill the scratches for a fraction of the price. Yes, you can still see the scratches if you look hard but they no longer draw your eye and were a much better solution for a much better price. She also buffed out some side scratches, fixed a scrape in the front, and filled in a chip in the door for much less that any other shop I had gone to…and she came to my home! Not to mention that she is lovely to work with. It was a great experience to work with her so I took extra business cards to hand out to my friends.

Lynn O. via Google 5/22/2014