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Damage – Automotive Touch Up Professionals



Hide that minor to moderate car paint damage.

Accidents happen to us all and we all know, if it’s our fault, our insurance premium goes up.  What most don’t realize is the car also depreciates.  Depending on the vehicle the depreciation can be minor or ridiculous (mostly for luxury and exotics).  Once the insurance knows about the accident then so does the CarFax and considerably less money is offered for a car with a bad CarFax whether you are selling it privately or trading it in.  To avoid this, the car must be repaired with money out of your own pocket.

Most customers don’t have the funds for out-of-pocket repairs at a moments notice but not many people want to drive around with the embarrassment tattoo’d on their car.   We help conceal the effects of moderate damage (such as a pole scrape) to light impact damage (such as the gouging seen on the bumpers of San Francisco residents and commuters). We’ve got your back! 😉

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Before and After