Painting Wheels

PlastiDip your wheels!

Everyone wants nice wheels but not too many affordable cars come stock with them and new wheels cost a small fortune.  You want your car to be a reflection of your personality but you aren’t a painter and wouldn’t even know where to start.  Maybe you get bored easily or aren’t sure if youll like the chosen color.  PlastiDip is a durable but temporary paint coating that, when prepped and applied correctly, will not harm your original surface and will last years without purposefully being removed.
Unfortunately we dont repair damaged wheels but we do work closely with a local shop that does.  Visit them on our “Referrals” page here.  PlastiDip ping does help hide damage a bit so even if you don’t want your wheels repaired first they will still look much better.
The most popular color is black but there are many colirs to choose from and designs and mixed colors are an option.

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