Horrendous Rock Chipping and Peeling Paint – Car Touch Up

Some cars are more prone to chipping, also known as “road rash”, caused by highway driving.  Anyone who own’s an E36 BMW know’s that very well.  Even with this severe case, touch up made a world of difference.  This we charged $400 when the body shop quoted $2000 to repaint the entire front end!  This one also had a bad repaint on the front bumper that made for a particularly horrid paint peeling problem.  We made that a little better while we were at it for no additional charge.  The very deep crack in the lower lip of the bumper would have taken an additional hour to repair but we felt it wasn’t in this bumpers best interest so paint was applied but it wasn’t filled.

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Car touch up - M3 Front End Chipping - After touch up

Car touch up - M3 Front End Chipping - Before touch up

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