Car Touch Up – Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a shop location?

Why is my paint peeling and can touch up fix it?

Rusting has already started. Can it be stopped?

What's the difference between washing and detailing?

Can I have my car detailed after the touch up is done?

How long until I can drive or wash my car after touch up is applied?

Why should I have my car washed a day before the touch up is applied?

Can touch up be perfomed if it's raining on my scheduled day?

How long will the touch up last?

I tried to touch up my car myself first. Can it be redone?

Can I get a bottle of the color for myself when the job is complete?

Do you offer shuttle service?

How do you perform the touch up?

I have a new bumper that needs to be painted to match the car. Can you do it with touch up?