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Car Touch Up on Audi R8 – Caution: Low bumpers

Cars that are lower to the ground tend to need frequent car touch ups.  They look more aggressive and handle better but, in turn, collect more rock chips, road rash and low scrapes.  Chances are you paid a lot of money to either purchase a car that came with this stance stock or you paid a lot of money to modify your car yourself.  Either way, we don’t think you should also have to shell out a lot more money just to keep that car looking like you care about it.  As you can see, this Audi R8 had a clear bra installed but clear bra only has you covered to a certain point on the car (usually only about 2 feet up your 4-5 foot hood) and, as seen in this picture, only to a certain depth.  We believe clear bras are a great tool for preserving your car and we respect that you paid a lot of money for it.  We do not remove any undamaged clear bra.  You should protect every inch you can!  We do our best to blend it’s appearance and keep you looking as close to brand-new as possible without paying a lot, again!


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Car Touch Up - Audi R8 V10 Black - Front Bumper Scrape Damage - Before touch upCar Touch Up - Audi R8 V10 Black - Front Bumper Scrape Damage - After touch up

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