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Car Touch Up Avoidance – Driving Safely in the Rain

Okay, so what are the chances you will only need touch up paint when something goes terribly wrong in the rain?

Irregardless, (jk) it’s rain season and it’s the average drivers’ worst nightmare to lose control of the car in wet conditions.  We provide car paint touch up services but, as members of the automotive industry, we feel very strongly about empowering everyone with the skills to be safe drivers.  This information WILL save lives which is exactly why you should share this post with everyone you know!
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First: A Reminder

Unless something tragic has already happened to us, most of us don’t think about what we are really doing when we get into our cars every day.  So let us put it plainly…

You are operating the deadliest weapon it is legal to own in the US!

Not that we have legal expertise in this arena… or weapons knowledge of any kind for that matter, but we did consult the internet a little bit to make sure we weren’t putting our foot in our mouths before we published this.  We are quite confident this statement is accurate.  The closest we could find is a flame-thrower but good luck nailing anyone with that.  It kinda lacks the element of surprise.  The car is still the winner in our book.  It’s a sneak attack every time.


Second:  Mythbusting

The first rain is the most dangerous.

Deflating tires a few pounds gives more traction.
The tires with the best tread should be mounted on the front wheels.
Pump your brakes after going through a puddle.


 Get your car rain ready!

Improve Visibility

Optimize Tire Traction

How to test your ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)


Good driving habits for wet and rainy conditions.

This graph is for average stopping distance for an average sized passenger car.  On average, stopping distances DOUBLE for wet conditions.

Dry stopping distance chart

Double your following distance.

NEVER use cruise control in any slippery situation.

Keep air flowing through the vehicle.
Don't be ashamed to pull over or go slower than others.


Everyone take care and good luck out there!


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