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Car paint touch up saves a Ferrari bumper?! – Automotive Touch Up Professionals


Car paint touch up saves a Ferrari bumper?!

Car paint touch up isn’t only for daily driver cars.  We remind our distraught customers all the time that EVERYONE hits something eventually and in all types of cars.  It doesn’t matter how sophisticated your back up camera is (or 360 view camera for that matter), something WILL go undetected.  Everyone tries to be careful but something is bound to happen.
This customer put a fair amount of miles on this beautiful F360 of his and it’s seen it’s share of damage.  A couple trips to the body shop proved to be enough to make this customer look for some alternatives.  One thing many people may not realize is that when you own a car like this every vendor you will ever deal with will only see money bags as you consult them about maintenance or repairs.  They also see the opportunity to drive a really cool car.  Repair prices, and insurance risks from unauthorized joy rides (we know our cars have been taken on a few while in the care of other shops), often double for the same work that would have been performed on any Honda at the same shop, just because.  We here at Automotive Touch Up Professionals price a scratch on a Ferrari at the same rate as on a Honda and we treat ALL cars with the utmost respect.  Honesty, integrity, fairness and helping others is what we are all about. We’ve shed our tears over the things that have happened to our cars and now we are here to help you keep from shedding too many of yours. 😉
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Ferrari F360 Red Bumper Hole Damage - Before 1Ferrari F360 Red Bumper Hole Damage - Before 2Ferrari F360 Red Bumper Hole Damage - After