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Car Touch Up Pictures – Automotive Touch Up Professionals

Car Touch Up Pictures


All of our car touch up services are mobile and we can come to you, wherever you are.

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Scrapes, gouging and light impacts can be concealed on any painted surface on the vehicle.

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Rock Chipping

The chipping and sand-blasting effect caused by high-speed (freeway) driving.

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From light scratches to deep "intentional keying".

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Trim Restoration

Cracking, fading and flaking caused by sun damage.

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Protective Coating

Durable, semi-permanent film for protecting against scratch damage on high traffic areas.

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Wheel Touch Up and Painting

Because your wheels are the hardest part of your car to maintain, how they look is a strong indicator of how well you take care of your car.

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PlastiDip / Custom Paint

Make your car all your own and stand out from the crowd with custom paint.

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DIY Touch Up Paint

Beware DIY touch up paint from the dealer, auto store or online companies.

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